We use geo-targeted and demographic marketing to put your business in front of your future customers or clients. With proven strategies we've been able to generate hundreds of leads for each of our clients. 



Using social media to reconnect the community of consumers, employees, and businesses while establishing the business as a positive force in society and allowing them to create sustainable impact.


We consult on applying and integrating social media in go to market strategies
— Social Media Expanders (SME)

Our Goals

  • Build intentional brand image, reputation, and awareness through social media accounts
  • Provide specific, professional social strategies to improve Client Lifetime Values and sector growth 
  • Increase customer traffic to website (immediate monetary gain)
  • Grow email lists (long-term consistent increased returns)
  • Strategically heighten conversion rates   
  • Connect Instagram Ads to Facebook via “Power Editor”
  • Generate targeting LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Facebook ads within specified budget
  • Goal setting objectives to systemize content generation
  • Accurately reflect targeted audience needs while increasing revenue
  • Provide business model suggestions

What We Have Achieved

  • Built social communities to reach thousands of new people
  • Build customer loyalty and trust through constant engagement marketing
  • Improved search engine rankings through social media growth
  • Consulted on generating higher conversion rates and more inbound traffic
  • Helped local business get out of obscurity by increasing their brand awareness
  • Built viral content for clients with views and engagement over 100,000 
  • Generated hundreds of leads for each individual client 
  • Created eye- catching content to post across all social platforms